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Save the date IGC Symposium 2018 Cologne

The 6th International IGC Symposium was held on 20th June 2017 in Cologne

Surface properties are crucial for many products and product applications

The fine-tuning of particles, fillers and nano-materials decides about success or failure of innovative products. Or the interaction of specific surfaces with designed molecules provides higher yields or losses, e.g. by flotation in the mining industry. And how to quantify batch-to-batch variation of powders? Chemical analysis and microscopic pictures rarely give a satisfying answer.

„Inverse Chromatography“ is a dynamic adsorption method in gas and liquid phase

It directly the interaction of defined molecules with the surface. In gas phase, n-alkanes, branched and cyclic alkanes and many different polar molecules „sense“ the surface in different ways to provide numerical values for disperse surface energy, nano-roughness, specific polar interactions, and acid-base constants. Or the adsorption energy distribution function for a specific probe can be obtained. In liquid phase, the adsorption and desorption isotherm as well as irreversible adsorption provides insights of the behaviour under application conditions.

The 6th International IGC Symposium

continued the successful exchange of industry and academia on different aspects of „inverse chromatography“. Eight speakers provided their experiences and offered excellent insights for further discussions. The one-day programm was compact and ideally suited for industry representatives from R&D, product development and analytical departments.

Besides of the experts who presented their best practices in the field of IGC and ILC we discussed the needs and questions of the participants in small work groups.
Watch the video to get an idea of the atmosphere in Cologne and the interactive discussions.