8th IGC Symposium 2019 Cologne

8th International IGC Symposium in Cologne on 4 June 2019:

Effectiveness is Key in Industry

This symposium focusses on effective and valuable surface characterization of powders and fibres and other materials based on the dynamic adsorption of up to 20 different gas probes, also known as Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC). 

Novel practises, good experiences and the exchange of all participants are the motivation of this symposium since its beginning. It is just the right balance for

Participants will understand the potential of surface characterization by molecular probes, the pitfalls of different practices and the practical use for the different applications in industry. 

Good practices as well as critical aspects and supporting techniques will be outlined.  And structured discussions will intensify the exchange of experiences – like in the successful 2018 symposium.

The one-day program is compact and ideally suited for industry representatives from R&D, product development and analytical departments as well as researchers from institutes.

The location in Cologne is nicely situated beside the Rhine. The pre-conference dinner and Cologne tour is a great networking occasion. 

When:          4 June 2019   9:30 – 16:30  8th International IGC Symposium

Where:         art’otel, Cologne, Germany


3 June 2018   19:00 – 20:30  Guided Cologne tour starting at artotel Cologne
3 June 2018   20:30  Dinner
4 June 2018     8:30    9:30   Introduction in IGC

Key Topics 2019

  • „Next generation IGC “ Revolutionary new techniques in automated dosing of gaseous and liquid probes – and their potential
  • Industrial use of IGC: hands-on examples by industry 
  • Material characterisation: Use of IGC and supplementary tools
  • Innovative uses of IGC: diffusion, Tg and adsorption isotherms

Watch the video to get an idea of the atmosphere in Cologne and the interactive discussions.